It’s just a scratch

Alastair Fletcher

Sept 4 – Sept 28

Gallery Pop

44 High Street
Forres, Moray IV361PF

It’s just a scratch – Alastair Fletcher

“It’s Just A Scratch” combines high quality photographic prints with repurposed Glasgow City Council fencing, perspex from bus stops and wallpaper paste, Fletch produces a body of work concerned with conflicting relationships between imagery, materiality and the context from which they’re borne. The framing of the imagery is as important, if not more so, than the content of the photographs. The use of repurposed council fencing, seen around many of Glasgow’s City parks and public spaces, is a nod to the relationship one builds to the ephemeral aesthetics of a space from which their personhood is inextricable.

The photographs present a notion of youth in flux, ending without announcement, our connections to one another blurring, filled with noise and grain from the film. At their most abstract, the pictures speak to the ache that comes with knowing something is almost over. The afterglow as the comedown sets in, your anxiety creeping up on you in the first shadows cast by the setting sun. They’re the numbing spectre of tomorrow’s depression looming over your back.


Fletch (Alastair Fletcher) is a recent graduate of Glasgow School of Art and winner of the Visual Arts Scotland Graduate Showcase 2021 Shortlisted Graduate Award. Allan Gardner writes: “I first met Fletch when he was fifteen or sixteen years old, he was probably wearing a Youth of Today shirt, or a Turning Point shirt or… something like that. That was almost ten years ago now, and that relationship to subculture is still evident in his photographic work. This is markedly different from documentary photography – although there are pictures of people being young and doing their thing, the manufactured nostalgia that’s often present in that kind of work is not found here.”