Andrea Gjestvang

Andrea Gjestvang is a multi award winning Norwegian photographer based between Oslo and Berlin. For several years now she has concentrated on the northern parts of the world, where she explores the intimate life and persistence of people living in remote and inaccessible environments. Her acclaimed series One Day In History gained international recognition for its profound, sensitive and dignified portraits of survivors of the Anders Brevik massacre on 22nd July 2011. FLOW Photofest will be premiering her work on the Faroes, exploring the population decline among women.  She writes: “The exodus of women has become a social problem for the Faroe Islands. Many young Faroese women leave the small island nation in the North Atlantic to study in cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo and London, more than half of them never to return. Sixty one percent of all who study abroad are women and thirty nine percent are men. In 2011, in the age group 20-24 years twice as many women than men moved abroad. Many women see no future in small communities where traditionally male-dominated activities such as hunting, fishing, farming and industrial work are greatly valued. Only 14 countries in the world have a greater imbalance in gender proportion than the Faroe Islands.”