Colin McPherson

Colin McPherson, born in Edinburgh and based in North West England, has worked as a documentary photographer and photojournalist for over 25 years. McPherson is one Scotland’s leading social documentary photographers. Represented by Getty Images, he is a  founding members of Document Scotland, and a regular contributor to When Saturday Comes magazine.

Showing at FLOW Photofest is his work documenting the ‘beautiful game’ and photographs of football culture in Scotland. Exploring the social process which surrounds football, McPherson immerses himself, and the viewer, into the rituals and practices of the fan as they embark on their weekly experience of football. Attention is given to the banal and the everyday details of the manner in which football is performed by the fan in the season. McPherson produces illuminating and insightful work on a ubiquitous aspect of contemporary Scottish culture. This work was previously shown at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.