Iiu Susiraja

Iiu Susiraja is a Finnish photographer based in Turku with a background in textile and design, fine arts and photography. The recipient of multiple awards she has exhibited widely in Finland and internationally. Her biography is short and sweet, she says: “I am a Turku-based artist. I like poems, bands, gigs, flea markets, morning, rain and spring. Close to my heart are also flowers and animals. Peony is my favourite flower and I like to wear black.”

The exhibition will feature work from her series Good Behaviour. Her work is inspired by the likes of Francesca Woodman and Lena Dunham and explores states of solitude to help viewers feel less alone. Playful and anarchic, she says, “I photograph me because it is the subject I certainly know the best”. However, using herself as a canvas, Susiraja’s confrontational self-portraits don’t affirm contemporary selfie conventions, rather, they radically revolutionise them.  Boredpanda.com writes “Some of us use selfies as a vain form of self-expression, trying to make ourselves look richer, happier or more beautiful than we really are. Iiu Susiraja, however, turns this concept of the selfie on its head by taking brutally honest, surreal and unflinchingly funny self-portraits using her own body and other objects as props.