The Paterson Collection

Andrew Paterson (b. 1877, Inverness) was an internationally renowned, multi-award winning artist-photographer, whose studio was based in Inverness from 1895 until his death in 1948 (then taken over by his son Hector until 1980). Paterson’s services were sought over several decades by many leading political and commercial figures of the day. The Glasgow Daily Record noted that “his portraits have been regarded as setting new standards of excellence in the expression of character.” His portrait photography was exhibited widely at home and abroad during his life-time and some said his pictures were as good as oil paintings; some said they were even better. There was a day in the 1920s, when Andrew’s son Hector answered a knock at the studio door to be confronted with a tall lean man with a long grey bushy beard. He asked if Mr Paterson was in “because I want to be photographed.” It was George Bernard Shaw.