Flannery O’kafka

Thin Blood / Thick Water

Flannery O’kafka

Sept 4 – Oct 16

Inverness Museum & Art Gallery

Castle Wynd
Inverness, IV2 3EB

Thin Blood / Thick Water – Flannery O’kafka

Thin Blood / Thick Water, first shown at Stills Centre for Photography in 2018, 
is largely the result of an artist’s residency at Dubois County Museum in Jasper Indiana, the small town of her conception. Three images from this series are in the permanent Scottish photography collection at City Art Centre in Edinburgh. 

“Working within the medium of amateur museums, snapshot photography, and liturgical call and response, I’m constructing a fractured family album that hangs somewhere between an emotional document and a fiction. In the tradition of Roland Barthes’ ‘Mourning Diary’, it’s a very public grief.
A story of crippled minds and bodies, growing up playing house, and pregnant teenagers sent to convents by the cover of night. It’s a clumsy stab at bridging the disconnect between my possible (from birth) futures (including ones where my children are not in existence), my parallel histories, and the shadowy hinterland of suffering that lies between (and intersects) both of these.”

Flannery O’kafka


A graduate of GSA Fine Art Photography in 2018, Flannery O’kafka is a photographic artist living in Glasgow. Her work engages with themes of motherhood, religion, disability, comedy and suffering, with a focus on the family album.