Gavin Smith

Handful of Earth

Gavin Smith

Sept 4 – Oct 2

Eden Court

Bishops Road
Inverness, IV3 5SA

Saltire, Black Isle – Gavin Smith

‘Creation Myth’

One letter leads
to another and
there is a name

Not to be left
out the place
comes along too.

David Wheatley, ‘The President of Planet Earth’, Caracanet Press, 2017

All countries tell stories. Scotland’s stories graft meaning to the physical landscapes of the Highlands.

An Eden. Empty lands, wild mountains, storm-lashed seascapes. Somehow part of identity.

Idealised stories, leaving out much.

‘Handful of Earth’ explores Highland landscapes: the restless light, mountains and wildness, but also landscapes marked with human footprints and human presence, past and present.

This is a sequence of prints taken from a larger series.


Gavin Smith is a Scottish photographer based in the Highlands of Scotland. He works with film, and is interested in the relationships between people and places, buildings and landscapes, memory and belonging.