Helge Skodvin

A Moveable Beast

Helge Skodvin

Sept 6 – Oct 2

Inverness Creative Academy (outdoors)

Stephen’s Street
Inverness, IV23JP

from the series: A Moveable Beast – Helge Skodvin

The exhibitions of the Natural History Collection in Bergen, Norway are undergoing a major restoration and will be closed for at least five years. Due to this, all the animals are being moved to a new, temporary storage facility on the other side of town. Not a simple task when the animals are so big and fragile. Some of the animals are out of their display cases for the first time in almost 150 years. The animals were photographed as they were prepared by the curators for the move.

This off-beat still life series was selected as a finalist in the Magnum Photography Awards 2016. “A Moveable Beast” was also turned into a beautiful book. The series was a finalist at the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2015 and won the “Documentary Series of the Year” in the Norwegian Picture of the Year 2015.

Curators note: What I saw first in these photographs was humour behind which lay a serious point. At a time of unprecedented species extinction it is not beyond comprehension that if humans don’t change their behaviours in relation climate change, then these museum specimens might well be the only opportunity to experience the size and physicality of these beasts.


Helge Skodvin is a photographer born and based in Bergen, Norway. He works for magazines, newspapers, publishers, as well as long-term personal projects. Skodvin has been nominated for Leica Oskar Barnack Award and the Magnum Photography Award. He is a member of Moment Agency and represented by Institute