Lynne Strachan

Among the Cobwebs

Lynne Strachan

Sept 11 – Oct 3 (please check Museum opening times before visiting)

Elgin Museum

1 High Street
Elgin, IV30 1EQ

Polymer Photogravure print – Lynne Strachan

“Old decaying architecture intrigues me, the textures and patterns remind me that everything is impermanent. Standing inside an abandoned building feels like the end of time.”

Lynne Strachan

This series of Polymer Photogravure prints was developed at the Highland Print Studio in Inverness and was supported by a Visual Artist and Craft Makers Award. The prints are a limited edition of twenty-five and are printed on to Fabriano Artistico, Traditional White, 300gsm.

Polymer Photogravure is a printing technique which falls under the Intaglio process of printmaking. A photograph is exposed on to the Polymer plate which creates an image lower than the surface level of the plate, the subtle grooves on the plate hold the ink which is then printed.


Lynne’s practice incorporates commissioned and self‐initiated work which explores the interaction between science, art and technology through presenting the forgotten or invisible as visible, focusing on the relationship between humans and the environment.